Besides Stocks, What Can You Invest In?

By: Admin / Textr Online

Investing in the stock market is a great source for long-term wealth with an average compound interest of 10% over the century.
But people are also hesitant when it comes to investing in stocks. Seeing the ups and downs of the market is too high of a risk for them. In addition to this, people want to get involved in things that are tangible or those they can control more directly. 
There are numerous other ways you can invest your money. Whether you have $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000, there are plenty of options for you to invest in.  


Precious Metals


There are many precious metals you can invest your money in. Gold, silver, gemstones are tangible items that you can own. You can invest by buying coins, gems, gold bullions and store them safely in a bank. 
However, if you are investing in metals like gold, you need to be aware that the prices may fluctuate from time to time. Prices tend to go up when there is scarcity and fear and may go down when gold is more widely available. These metals are highly valuable, but they are subjected to supply and demand just like other market commodities. 
However, if you plan on making your future safe, then gold is still a good and less volatile investment for you.  

Real Estate


Although there are occasional busts, real estate has been a solid investment for decades. There are numerous ways you can invest in real estate. 
Here are some other options for investing in different types of real estate: 
·        Farmland  
·        Single-family homes  
·        Commercial 
Real estate can offer passive form of income. People are usually interested in investing in real estate because they are tangible and can be managed easily. Owning real estate also offers access to equity and can give you leverage to buy additional properties or improve your existing ones. 
There are many sub-specialties for people who invest in real estate. This can range from individual rental houses, apartment buildings, storage units, car washes, office buildings, industrial buildings, and even real estate options or tax lien certificates.  

Business Ownership


You need a specific skill set to run a profitable business, or a franchise of a national chain. For this you will be needing along-term business strategy to invest, expand, grow your profits, hire employees, and handle all the details that come with business ownership. 
Owning a business always offers security whenever you need to take out a loan. At the end of your working years, your well-run business can either be sold for a profit or passed down to the next generation.  



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