How to Recover From Identity Theft

By: Admin / Textr Online

Identity theft is a severe problem that is plaguing the lives of millions of Americans every year. Whether it is a fraud like credit card skimming, online hacking, or even stealing your mail, you must take steps to recover your identity. Clearing your credit report and name of fraudulent information can be an overwhelming and tedious process. However, there are numerous resources at your disposal that can help you recover from identity theft. 

If you have been the victim of identity theft, it’s better to take action quickly, as that makes it easier to repair any long-term damage to your credit report or bank statements. We are sharing some of the steps that will help you recover from identity theft right here. 

1. Inform Your Bank or Creditors


The first thing you need to do is contact your bank or creditor, as you must report stolen or lost ATM and debit cards before there are any fraudulent transactions. You only have a short window of about two business days after learning about identity theft to report unauthorized transactions. It’s in your best interests to report any suspicious activity quickly to avoid unlimited liability. 

2. Freeze Your Credit


One of the best things you can do after identity theft is to freeze your credit and lock your credit information. It will mean that the credit reporting agency doesn’t release your credit report to anyone. It’s completely free, and you should also set up a fraud alert as well. Once you freeze your credit, you will be provided with a password or PIN, which you can use to lift the freeze. 

3. Report Your Identity Theft to the FTC

You should contact the FTC and report your identity theft as soon as possible, as they will provide you with a recovery plan. You will also receive an Identity Theft Report, which will be proof that you were the victim of identity theft. The recovery plan and the report can be saved, and you need to have a copy of it when filing your police report or to provide copies to your bank. 


4. Go to the Police

After reporting the incident to the FTC, your next step would be filing your report with the local police department. Getting a police report protects you from any further damage caused by the theft and puts the police on high alert. All your accounts will be tracked for suspicious activity, and it increases the chances of catching the culprit before they cause further damage. 


5. Change All Your Passwords

Any account affected by the fraud is vulnerable, and you need to change all the passwords and create stronger passwords. That will ensure you gain control of your account and prevent it from being hacked easily in the future. You can also use a password manager for tracking your new passwords after identity theft. 

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