Common Financial Struggles And What You Can Learn From Them

By: Admin / Textr Online

Financial struggles among several other things are a common aspect of your life. However, the only ways to come out even stronger is by staying resilient and learning valuable life lessons through them. Here are some of the most common financial issues and lessons you can learn from them. 

When Your Income is Less Than Your Spending


This is one of the most basic yet the most common issues millions of people face. Having an income that isn't able to meet one's needs could mean that there is a severe lack of discipline and planning in the area of financial management.
While it may not seem like a big deal as a bachelor, it may have a lifelong impact on your mental health, happiness, and satisfaction once you start a family and fail to meet any unexpected expenses that come your way.

One of the biggest lessons to grasp here is how important monthly budgets are. Learning to control your spending patterns and understanding the difference between wants and needs is the only way to get through circumstances of this nature. 

Extra Costs of a New Member in the Family


Having children or starting a family in any capacity means having to bear extra costs. Even if you had been doing well so far, there's no guarantee how the same income would work out for you a few months down the lane. Everyday items like baby food, formula, and diapers can easily cost anyone an arm and a leg these days.

Here's when you should take a step back on expenses that matter less. You may have to cut back on luxuries like monthly subscriptions, date nights, the occasional shopping spree, and much more till you’re back on your feet. 

The Ever-Growing Medical Expenses


Medical expenses, especially when they come unsolicited, could create an irreparable hole in your pocket. This is where the importance of having insurance or an emergency fund hits you. Medical emergencies are inevitable and are bound to cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re unprepared for a situation like this, the only option you may be left with is applying for a loan and accumulating debt as a result. It is only in the face of emergencies that we learn to save up and dedicate parts of our income to health. 

Rent and Utilities

The rising costs of living in America can take a toll on even the ones with the highest paying jobs. You may find yourself questioning whether the idea of renting instead of buying was even worth it. Regardless, housing is an area that demands a thorough understanding of aspects like mortgages, interest rates, the value of property in different areas, and how it will work out a few years down the line. Living with a "one day at a time" approach isn't sustainable after all, and only by evaluating the buy vs. rent debate can you manage your finances effectively.

In the end, financial struggles can overwhelm anyone, no matter how rich or poor they are. Sustainable choices, budgets, emergency funds, and cutting back are some of the best ways to save your boat from sinking. 

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