The Tradeoff of Community College vs. University 

By: Admin / Textr Online

Making a choice between Community College and University can be the toughest decision for any student. A University offers a full-fledged learning environment with excellent faculty, but it also comes with a substantial cost. On the other hand, Community Colleges offer associate degrees and diplomas. The tradeoff can be challenging if you don’t have a career path planned out yet. However, there are several reasons to choose a Community College over a university, and we are here to elaborate on them. So, keep reading to learn more. 


The Difference Between Community College and University

These are two distinct educational institutes, each with its unique characteristics and degree programs. Before you make the tradeoff, here are a few key differences between Universities and Community Colleges. 

1. Cost


The most influential deciding factor is the cost. While Universities are overwhelmingly expensive in the United States, Community Colleges are relatively affordable. Primarily because Universities have dedicated campuses, and enrolling in a University has become more of a trend. 

2. Degree Programs


Another massive difference between Community Colleges and Universities is the degree programs. Both educational institutes offer different educational programs. However, Community Colleges offer diplomas as well. A Diploma is a dedicated education program that only teaches the subject you are enrolled in, unlike a degree where you have to learn subjects irrelevant to your specialization.  


3. Academic Quality


Community colleges have always been the victim of blame when it comes to academic quality. Most people believe that the educational standards at a Community College are far less than its counterpart(Universities). However, things are changing, and Community Colleges have started to outperform most Universities. Several studies have stated that students graduating from a community college are academically sound and sometimes better than University grads. 

4. Smaller Class Sizes


Community colleges are great for students who couldn’t perform well in their high school. This is primarily because these students couldn’t focus in class. After all, they’re too many students. Community colleges have smaller classes meaning each student will get more attention compared to a University. Moreover, the teaching criteria and methods are relatively easier in community colleges. Perhaps, that is why most students are now enrolling in community colleges over Universities.  

Final Verdict


The trade off between university and community college is never easy. After all, it’s the biggest career move one can make. However, if you know your limits and accept that you aren’t able to keep up with the rising standards of universities, you should enroll in a community college. It might seem bad at first, but the tradeoff is worth it. Less cost and better learning opportunities can launch you in your professional career. Moreover, a diploma in a specific subject is more relevant than a degree program. 

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