The Cheapest Ways to Receive Counseling

By: Admin / Textr Online

Counseling sessions don’t come cheap, and people looking to cope with their problems through professional help are overwhelmed by the cost of therapy. An average counselor will charge between $100 to $200 per session, and the cost goes higher in urban areas. People who can’t afford counseling sessions often find other ways to cope with life. In this blog post, we will share the cheapest ways to receive counseling so that you can find professional help within your budget. 

How to Find Affordable Counseling?


Meeting a professional counselor is invaluable, and the results after a few sessions are staggering. So don’t quite your hunt before you take a closer look at what’s available in your community. You might find a free or affordable therapist in your neighborhood. But if you can’t find a cheap counseling session, read below to find the help you deserve. 

Check With Your Insurance


Before you decide to pay out of your pocket for therapy, it’s best to check with your insurance company. You might doge the full charges of a counselor by sharing the fee with your insurance provider. So it never hurts to give your insurance company a call to discuss counseling with them. 

Reach Out to Your Local University


If you live in a3 city or a college town, you might find affordable counseling at your nearest University. If you are a student, you are allowed a few sessions with your campus psychologist. Moreover, you can find affordable counseling from your nearest University because many graduate students seek to experience it. Don’t be afraid of seeing graduate students because they are always under the supervision of experienced professionals. 

Check Employee Assistance Program

Many companies offer free counseling services for their employees, while others share the cost. Ask your HR department if you are entitled to counseling sessions. Top-tier companies want their employees to be mentally fit so they can focus on their work. Don’t be shy to share the bill with your company. You might get a few days off from work along with counseling charges. 


Check Out Online Services


Online services are always cheaper than brick-and-morta rbusinesses because they don’t have to pay an overwhelming rent or the cost of purchasing a physical location. Your counselor will conduct their session with your online or through call. You will be sitting comfortably at your home, and you can openly share everything about your life and your problems. The calls are not recorded, and your information remains safe.  


Wrapping It Up


Many Americans are stressed with the daily responsibilities of raising their family and managing work. This stress becomes overwhelming for some people, and those who can afford it go for a long vacation often. However, going abroad is not always the solution. Sometimes, you need professional help. So look around, and you will find cheap counseling services in your area. Plus, your office might have a plan to accommodate your mental well-being. 

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