Top 3 Places To Get Free Stuff

By: Admin / TextrOnline

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Luckily many companies understand their customer’s worth and give free samples for testing. They do this for marketing purposes, but does it make a difference when you are getting it for free?

You can even ask brands to give you samples for testing, but you need to learn how to get free stuff from them. Simply draft a courteous email reflecting that you are a loyal customer and interested in trying new things. And in a few days, you will hear back from them. 
Believe it or not, these free giveaways can range from cosmetics to necessities. All you have to do is find the right places to get free stuff. The products offered at these places are genuine and authentic. So here are our top 3 places to enjoy freebies. 


Blue Bottle Coffee

If you love all things roasted, toasted in your cup, then you are a coffee lover. The bluebottle coffee is situated in Oak land, California. The brand has been brewing one of the best earthly flavored morning kickers since 2017. If you are interested in starting your mornings with a complimentary coffee, then head out to their retail shop. You can ask the coffee maestros for a free trial, and they will whole-heartedly give you a 2 oz whole bean sample of your choice. Just make sure to say thanks afterward! 

Become A BzzAgent

BzzAgent is more of a product testing company than an actual brand. But there are many benefits to this. Think about all the different kinds of products you can test? To get started with their testing program, you have to sign up to their website and fill out their survey. Once you receive your box of goodies, you have to complete a few steps to spread the word. From there on, its all milk and cookies. 

Sample Source For Free Necessity Items

Sample Source is a great place to get free stuff for your daily use. The process is relatively easy, as you only have to sign up. After this, you can select the items you would like to try from their website, and Sample Source will ship it to your location. Once you receive the item, you have to spread the word, and you are done. What makes this website better than BzzAgent is that you have the freedom to test products that you want, and you can choose from cereals to shampoo and even baby wipes. 

The Bottom Line

There are many places where you can grab freebies but the above mentioned are the best at what they do. The companies that offer their product for free are trusted and reliable. It’s hard to believe, but these places give free stuff to boost their marketing because it is relatively cheaper than any available advertisement channels. 

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