Top 3 Services you Should Be Taking Advantage Of

By: Admin / TextrOnline

If there is one thing that is better than getting a good bargain on something, it is getting it for free. We've been in quarantine for almost five months now, many services on the internet have become more accessible, and quite a few are open for some time. So, while there are many bad associations with the internet, you can always use it for your own needs.  
It is an incredible resource to use so you can improve your language skills, consider counseling, or read a plethora of books. Keep the world's situation in mind. We have listed the top free services to take advantage of from the comfort of your home. 

Learn Something For Free

There are multiple sites like Coursera, Edx, etc. that have made their courses free. You can choose classes that seem interesting to you or are relevant to a field you want to grow in. A lot of these sites, after completing a course, allow you to post the certificate of completion on your LinkedIn.

·        Class Central
This is a learning platform for young adults or people trying to build a foundation in certain subjects. It allows a seamless transition from home to a classroom without feeling awkward or under prepared. The site provides access to recordings of full college courses and syllabi.

·        Coursera
Coursera features one of the most extensive lists of courses as an educational website. It has classes put together, especially for professors' platform, complete assignments for the course, and opportunities to interact with other students.

·        Duolingo
Duolingo is a great way to learn a language. It has effective mini-lessons that can be retained quite easily. The game-like format makes the app more interesting to use and enjoyable too. 

Watch Free Movies Or Read Books

One of the best free things in life has to be accessible to books and movies. Exposure to different cinemas or cultures will help you become more knowledgeable and increase your intellectual capabilities.

·        Project Gutenberg
The website has over 56,000 books available to read online and kindle free downloads. If you've been looking for an old book, you will find it here as it has become public domain.

·        Open Culture

This initiative has a lot to offer, from eBooks, textbooks to documentaries and movies. Open Culture gives you free access to all of the above with zero charges in return.  

Sell Your Clothes To Consignment Stores

If you’re someone who loses interest easily in a task or thinks it’s extra hassle to take pictures and such then setting up a shop online might not be the best way for you to sell your old clothes. Rather it is time for your to start researching consignment stores.
Look up shops near your area, contact them beforehand, ask their availability and pay a visit. When you take your items to them, they give you an offer and you are left with the choice to accept or decline. Consignment stores are ideal for someone who is looking to earn a quick buck but not something that can help with your expenses. In that case the other options will be better.

Free Counseling

We're all going through a hard time. Staying indoors can be difficult for a lot of us. When it comes to the internet's free stuff, this is one of the most useful ways to help yourself become a better version of yourself.
There are apps based on the business principle of giving their consumers counselors to share their apprehensions. Websites like 7 Cups, Blah Therapy, and so on offer free therapy for certain sessions. They can also connect you with a trained listener who has also been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, etc. 


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