Cash In Big On Old Clothes Now!

By: Admin / TextrOnline

Chances are that you have a closet filled with clothes that you no longer need. Do not worry, as we can help you get rid of clothes.
Here, we discuss ways for you to sell clothes that you no longer need which will also help you make some extra cash. Getting rid of clothes will not only help you make extra cash, but also give you more closet space for clothes that you prefer wearing. 


Online Thriftstores

Is there anything for which we don’t turn to the internet?You will find several online shops that provide user spaces to sell their used clothes. Sites like: 
-         Depop that have an interface like that of Instagram thus more attractive pull in a lot of customers. You can upload a pictures in square format, add captions with more info and make your item a good bargain for the buyer.

-         ThredUp does the selling work for you. You don’t have to specifically think of a marketing strategy or a design for your shop using ThredUp rather the company takes 20%cut of your clothing’s value. You can also get to know their worth through their clothing calculator. 

Start Upscaling Your Business

If you’re someone who loves to style clothes, or take aesthetic pictures of them or just a style junkie in general, you can earn much more through upscaling than just by selling your old clothes the way they are. Upscaling your clothes increases the value of that item.

You have put in the work, gone through a creative process to come up with a design that is uniquely yours. Set up an Instagram page or make an Etsy account, create a catchy branding strategy and improve your online presence.

Take tasteful pictures of the clothes you have upscaled and put them up for sale. Chances are people will be intrigued by the unique clothing and you will earn extra cash that will require only a little more effort. 

Sell Your Clothes To Consignment Stores

If you’re someone who loses interest easily in a task or thinks it’s extra hassle to take pictures and such then setting up a shop online might not be the best way for you to sell your old clothes. Rather it is time for your to start researching consignment stores.
Look up shops near your area, contact them beforehand, ask their availability and pay a visit. When you take your items to them, they give you an offer and you are left with the choice to accept or decline. Consignment stores are ideal for someone who is looking to earn a quick buck but not something that can help with your expenses. In that case the other options will be better.

Tips To Help You Improve

If you’ve decided to go forward with selling your clothes online, begin identifying clothes that you want to get rid of. Then, iron and wash your clothes before you take pictures of your clothes, so that they look appealing to your customers.

Be patient, as it may take sometime before your clothes are sold. Create a timeline for yourself to sell your clothes. If your clothes are not sold during this timeline, begin thinking of ways that will allow you to donate them It takes a bit of strategy to be able to cash in on old clothes but the end result is, of course, worth it. 


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