Top 3 places To Do Surveys For Cash!

By: Admin / TextrOnline

We’ve all heard of surveys being done online. We’ve perhaps even done some ourselves. Usually, it gets difficult to filter out these supposedly paid surveys as a lot of them are scams and the only thing being given is the frustration after it.
We’ve listed 3 sites below, so you do surveys for cash and actually get something out of it. Rest assured that all of these sites are reputable and user friendly.



 InboxDollars is popular for having a user-friendly interface. It uses a simple format and a quick sign up process to get to registered and working.
Most surveys will not have you rolling in cash, and the same is for InboxDollars. However, it does have a lot of surveys for money to choose from. They also work on a cash-based system, unlike a lot of survey places that give you gift cards as rewards instead. So if you’re looking for places to do surveys for cash this would be your go-to. You can also earn cash by completing other tasks like watching show previews, playing games online or downloading coupons. 

Survey Junkie

 Survey junkie is perhaps the most well-known survey site and upholds a good reputation according to user reviews. It markets itself as a site so easily accessible that you can use it while waiting for your ride, or on the bus or whenever you get a few minutes free to yourself.
Even during work breaks just take 10 minutes out to do a couple of surveys and you’re good to go. The site is free of cost to register and use. Survey Junkie offers the most balanced mix of earnings and quantities of surveys as of now.
It uses PayPal cash, gift cards and bank transfer as there ward system for participating in their surveys. Survey Junkie is available in the USA, Canada and Australia. 


 It is a unique place, especially visited by youngsters where you get paid to surf the web, shopping online, watching videos etc. Of course,it also has a large traffic of surveys coming in every day that you can fill to earn some extra money.
Once again, you can sign up for free on this site, add relevant details in your profile and become a Swagbucks member. You can keep checking every so often throughout the day for surveys and choose one that gives you the most rewards.
Through these surveys, you will earn points that are translated into cash rewards or gift cards. Swagbucks provides service to a lot of countries like Australia, Canada, USA and UK. This site requires frequent visits but a good cash return because of it as well.

Parting Note

Completing surveys for cash require very little mental rigor and a good return on it. But you have to remember, the trick to earning cash through surveys is to know that you’re going to have to be consistent. With your consistent efforts, in a few months you would have surely made a good amount of cash.