Are you Taking Advantage Of Rebates?

By: Admin / Textr Online

Have you ever wished you would get a portion of our moneyback on buying expensive products? Well, you are in luck. Rebates are marketing techniques used by companies to acquire new customers and boost their sales, and you can take advantage of this to save money on purchases. Before we get into how you can take advantage of rebates, let’s understand rebates first. 


What Are Rebates?


Rebates are a partial refund on your purchase from aselected retailer or a superstore. This money is returned to the buyer viacheck and involves a bit complicated process. That is why most people don’tbother filing for a rebate, but if you accumulate your savings on everypurchase, you can make a substantial profit from rebates. 

- How To Get Rebates


Rebate offers typically include a form issued by the company to those who purchase their product. You can then fill the form and mail it in, together with some verification that tells you are the buyer of this product. Verification can include cash receipt or Universal Product Code. These forms go to some third-party organization for verification, and upon confirmation, they send out checks.

It’s typically an easy process, but some people tend toavoid filling forms and mailing them. However, consumers who keep an eye outfor rebate offers usually reap substantial profits through it. 

Advantages Of Rebates


Rebates are a great way to receive cash for your purchase. It’s like the company is thanking you for buying their product and returning a small amount of your money. However, if you stack this return, you can score substantial profits from it. Here are a few advantages of rebates you didn’t know of. 


- Rebates Are Tax Free


As a consumer, you must be worried that taking rebates will be shown as income on your financials, and you will be subjected to higher income tax. However, this is not the case with rebates. Since Internal Revenue Services view rebates as a reduction in the product’s price, you aren’t liable to any taxation on rebate money. So go crazy and start filing your rebate claims if you have any. 

- Rebates Can Help Secure Hefty Purchases


Sometimes, rebates are offered on expensive items, and having a little cash back hurts no one. If you are willing to file a rebate for your purchase, make sure you go through the terms and conditions carefully. Some manufacturers and retailers don’t want to send rebates, so they mess up their terms to trap the consumer. If you are well-prepared, there is no way you will miss out on ‘free’ money. 

- Rebates Are Great For A Little Extra Shopping


If you have been painstakingly saving up money for retirement or rainy days, rebates will help you go on a little shopping spree. Knowing that some portion of your money will be returned to you, there is no harm in letting it loose. However, you should pay close attention to the terms mentioned in filing for a rebate claim. The company would deny your claim even if you used the wrong ink or pen that goes against their terms. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to increase your savings, you need to master the art of rebates. It’s not easy to follow a meticulously crafted term set to fail the filer on even the smallest of issues. But with time, you will understand how things work in the rebate world. Star by reading rebate terms and conditions and practice to find traps and how to avoid them. Once you are ready, you can start filing rebate claims!  

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