3 Sites to Sign up for Student Discounts

Other than the fact that being a broke student has become somewhat of a fad it stems from students having to struggle with basic needs and being unable to spend on things that are said to make student life memorable.

Being able to go out for a drink, or an understated weekend out with friends or wanting to buy cute clothes shouldn’t be as worrisome as it tends to get. Your student ID card is a powerful piece of plastic willing to get you some great discounts and help you save for fun student experiences.

We have listed three sites to sign up for student discounts so you are able to take full advantage of your ID card.

1- Student Beans

This site boasts over 10,000 discounts, student competitions, and deals at this moment. It is a site based in the UK and named after the student staple: baked beans. They provide a diverse listing of exclusive student discounts.

They are partnered with over 650 of the world’s biggest brands from food and drinks, fashion, tech, beauty, and entertainment to provide an ever-growing list of discounts. Their site makes sure to verify student IDs, so the discounts go exclusively to students.

They have an app on IOS and android to make the experience more user-friendly and accessible.


TOTUM claims to be the UK’s #1 student discount app that has an exclusive student card issued to verified students and those above the age of 18. There is, however, the cost for a membership card for a year which is around £12.

The membership opens opportunities for exclusive TOTUM card discounts as well as acting as an international student identity card (ISIC), which helps you snag student discounts all around the world.

It is approved by the National Union of Students (NUS), adding to its credibility and around 250 UK student discounts available on the site. They have several memberships available according to a student’s needs so you’re open to choosing one you’re most comfortable with.


UNiDAYS has the largest collection of brands and student discounts and offers that get updated daily. More than that, the app is free to join with no membership fee after a certain time.

The app is simple, effective, and user-friendly with discounts for a lot of categories from fashion, groceries, health, and beauty to travel benefits. At the moment UNiDAYS site is undergoing modification, and that too will soon be available to people so they can enjoy browsing when the app isn’t available to them.

They have partnered with big retailers like Apple, Hollister, ASOS, and so on.

These sites are extremely helpful for students under a tight budget, who want to stock up on good bargains. Thus, it is a great initiative by companies that have introduced student discounts to make it an easier and more seamless experience of shopping for students.

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