3 Tips to Waive Service Fees 

By: Admin / Textr Online

1. Be Polite

As a customer, you may consider yourself to be always right, but it's not true. In most cases, customers are usually causing trouble for the company. These people are never treated with a discounted service fee. Often time, customers are yelling at the call center employee and asking them to waive the service fees. These people are employed at the lowest level in a company and don't have the right to put down the phone when customers are being jerks, let alone waive off service fees.

Now, more than ever, kindness counts, and people have to forget how to be nice over the phone. If you act politely and state your issue calmly, there is a fat chance you will get your service fee waived off. Otherwise, you can scream your lungs out and not have a penny discounted off your bill. 


2. Ask for the Manager


If you don't get the service fee waived off, ask to speak with a manager. Chances are they will waive it for you if there is no reasonable explanation as to why not. Most times, call center agents work on a commission basis, and getting people angry enough not to leave tips doesn't help them make any money. So, this gives managers an incentive to help out their employees when customers behave inappropriately or demand something that can't be done.

In most cases, your service amount will be happy to waive the fee for you and make your day a little bit brighter. 

3. Read the Fine Print


You will be surprised how many companies will waive service fees if you just read the fine print. Take advantage of that since it's easier than making a fuss and having to pay for your purchase in full.

You can also try applying coupons or using rewards points like cashback, air miles, etc. Some stores may give an instant credit on your fee without asking for anything more from you! Moreover, most banks have straightforward ways to waive off service fees, such as opening a savings account and much more. 



Service fees can sometimes be an unnecessary expense. Take alook at these tips to see how you can waive off service fees. However, servicefees sometimes seem unavoidable, but there are plenty of ways to waive ifpeople just take time to do it and find out what's right. By following the tipsmentioned above to waive service fees, you can easily dodge unwanted expensesand save hundreds of dollars. 



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