Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The UK-based company Hybrid Air Vehicles unveils development of the Airlander10airship that will reduce the carbon footprint of air travel with more comfort for passengers. 

Travel isn’t commonly associated with the international climate crisis but has a massive carbon footprint especially when it comes to aviation. One of the biggest changes to decrease the carbon footprint through air travel is looking for alternatives to airplanes and one UK-based company, Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), is developing eco-friendly airships.

HAV created a hybrid between a blimp and a traditional airplane to create the Airlander10 aircraft that is an airship with a smaller carbon footprint operating with 90% fewer emissions compared to traditional aircraft. The Airlander 10 airship can seat up to 100 passengers that feature amore spacious cabin with floor-to-ceiling windows with lounge-style seating fora more comfortable and luxury travel experience.

The airship also offers a unique form of air travel that is more relaxed with low noise, vibration, and very little turbulence utilizing an unpressurized cabin compared to traditional airplanes. The unique cabin design is built to withstand low or high temperatures, lightning strikes, and strong winds with the same regulatory standards as other aircraft.

The Airlander 10 requires less fuel due to a combination of vectored thrust, buoyant lift, and aerodynamic lift with a hybrid electric/jet fuel model available by 2025. HAV has the ultimate goal of developing a fully electric version by 2030.

HAV is planning on feature routes focusing on pairing up cities a few hundred miles apart instead of competing with long-haul flights or routes that are already served by high-speed railways. The HAV airship prototype was retired from service in 2019 following six test flights but HAV secured approval to work on a production version by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority.

With the current trajectory of development, HAV plans on building three airships by 2023 with the first passengers welcomed on board by2025. The Airlander 10 features a top speed of 81 miles per hour (130kilometers per hour) for efficient flight times and will be working towards managing a price range based on existing travel options.