Wednesday, April 24, 2024

In 2021, many people craved the thrill of vacation once again as some of the restrictions were eased up on or lifted altogether. We expect 2022 to be another year where vacations are desired heavily as even more restrictions end. With this in mind, vacations certainly are not always cheap. While the experiences are worth more than money, it is important that you don’t bankrupt yourself into your next vacay. Here are some ways to save big as you plan your trip. 

Travel in the Middle of the Week

One big mistake that travelers always make is they assume that they have to leave for their trip on the weekend. This can be a problem because in general travel is far more expensive on the weekend. In fact, traveling during the weekdays can save you as much as 35% more money when it comes to your vacation’s biggest expenses such as hotels and flights. We get that sometimes it is only possible to travel on specific days, but if you can it would definitely be worth it to plan trips during the week. 

Utilize Cash Back and Travel Credit Cards

A great way to help alleviate the financial guilt you have in booking a vacation is to book it through a credit card in which you are rewarded for your purchases. This can be in the form of a cash-back rewards card or even a specific travel credit card which can pay you massive rewards in booking hotels and airfare. 

Plan a Road Trip

If you have a specific destination in mind for a trip, realize that you don’t necessarily have to spend money on expensive airfare to arrive. Consider planning a road trip to your destination instead, as you will find that this can be a much cheaper alternative. Honestly, you could argue that road trips are better anyway, as there definitely is a magic to seeing all of the country up close that you typically would fly over. As they say, it’s about the journey and not the destination.