Thursday, July 25, 2024

The Best Walking Tours To Explore London 

London is one of the most walkable capitals in the world. London is in many ways the anti-L.A. because here, people seem to think you’re crazy if you drive a car about town. Nothing, therefore, quite allows you to experience a city like a nice long walk around. After all, London was there long before any form of private or public transport. 

While bus and boat tours can be great, there is nothing like a walking tour of London. There are many tours available, from basic sightseeing trips to more specialized theme tours. We review some of the top-ranked London walking tours.  

Harry Potter Walking Tour 

Anyone who has seen the adventures of The Boy Who Lived will be familiar with London. This 150-minute journey will take you from DiagonAlley to The Leaky Cauldron and Platform 9 3/4. Muggles have a limited view of the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the magic atmosphere. 

Historic Pub Walking Tour 

It’s possible to spend many years exploring London’snumerous pubs but not get the whole picture. This two-hour tour is a good start. On a walking tour that takes you from the ancient Southwark to the WestEnd, you’ll find at least four of the capital’s most historic pubs.

Learn about the history of these buildings and the differences between Elizabethan coaching pubs and Victorian gin palaces. You can also visit Charles Dickens’ favorite watering holes and enjoy a pint if you desire.  

Private Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour 

This private, three-hour walking tour takes you through the world of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Great Detective. Your guide will take you to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, located at Holmes’ residence at 221b Baker Street. 

You can visit the famous London landmarks featured in the BenedictCumberbatch-starring adaptation of ‘Sherlock,’ such as Russell Square and NewScotland Yard. You will also be able to enjoy behind-the-scenes stories from the set. 

Greenwich Highlights Half-Day Walking Tour 

This half-day educational tour is highly recommended. Perhaps there’s no London borough quite like maritime Greenwich. The walk includes all the main venues, such as the Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum, Cutty Sark, Old Royal Naval College(Old Royal Naval College), Queen’s House, Greenwich Market, and the Cutty Sark.

Join your guide and don your most comfortable shoes to see the splendor of Britain’s naval zenith. Also, visit the location where Thor and Christophe rEccleston fought in “The Dark World”. The tour is guided in small groups, so there won’t be any pushing or shoving. 

Food Walking Tour 

This epic trek is for you if you have half a day and are curious about British cuisine. Enjoy a six-hour walking tour from BuckinghamPalace, which will allow you to witness the Changing of the Guard. Next, you’ll be taken past the Houses of Parliament to the Tower of London. There you’ll find delicious British delights waiting for you. You can enjoy fish and chips, pie and mashing, scotch eggs, and a famous doughnut before heading to BoroughMarket, where you’ll find delicious sights and smells. 

Final Thoughts 

Walking is a great way of exploring the capital city. It’s also great for burning calories and enjoying fresh London air. So, don’t forget to bring your walking shoes and go exploring!