Thursday, July 25, 2024

Money Superstitions That Can Land You Some Luck  

Feeling down on your luck? You can try your lucky practicing legendary money superstitions that will keep your mind on your money and hopefully the rest will follow. 

There are a ton of superstitions, but there are some to bring luck your way with money. These might be superstitions, but it’s believed they will give you a touch of luck with monetary prosperity that you might just want to try.

One superstition is a cat figurine with one paw raised that can be kept at your office desk that will promote money and wealth that will flow your way. If you’re a fan of plants, you can keep a lucky money tree(Pachira aquatica) in your office that are easy indoor plants to maintain and hopefully bring you some financial luck.

The story behind the lucky money tree started with a farmer who was down on his luck and acquired a money tree that he took home with him. As the tree grew, he realized the tree naturally multiplied and he started a business selling them. Though lucky money trees are traditionally kept potted indoors, in the right conditions the tree can grow outside up to 60 feet tall.

You might have heard the legend of the lucky penny, “See a penny, pick it up… all day long you’ll have good luck,” that might have started as a street cleaning initiative, but many people believe in this legend. This lucky superstition has some rules that aren’t outlined as it is considered lucky to pick a penny up with heads facing up and unlucky to pick a penny up with heads facing down.

People celebrating the Chinese New Year will feature a bowl of mandarins as a dining table centerpiece that is not for eating but representing prosperity and wealth. The tradition behind the bowl of mandarins is to leave them on the table for 15 days of the Chinese New Year holiday.

Another Chinese good luck symbol is the feng shui money frog also known as Jin Chan (the three-legged toad) that attracts prosperity and wealth. These toad statues can be kept in your office and home to represent the flow of money. It’s recommended to place the statute within the rules of fengshui that shouldn’t be placed facing your main door and never keep them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or dining room.

In Russia, it’s believed people shouldn’t whistle inside their homes because it will whistle their money away as whistling is seen as a’carefree’ activity. It’s seen as if someone is too careless, they might be less concerned watching over their money, and it might slip away. 

This last one is less about legend but is a great way to manage your finances when considering retirement or having a 401k savings account. If you follow this model, you can save $1 million in your 401k account by the time your 65 by gradually building up savings that is easy to manage with automatic transfers to your investment account, depending on your age:

•             20s =$300/month
•             30s =$600-800/month
•             40s =$1,500-2,000/month