Thursday, July 25, 2024

Common Hidden Fees And How To Avoid Them 

Many times, you will think you are getting a great deal on something, only to be dismayed to find a ridiculous amount of fees at checkout that completely nullifies your perceived bargain. These not only are annoying in that they can be expensive but because they are often hidden and can mess with your ability to accurately assess the finances of a situation.

With this in mind, there are ways to actually avoid these types of fees. Here are some ones to look for, as well as how you can get around them.  

Sporting Event/Concerts   

Online ticket marketplaces will often tack on fees that are as much as 35% of the final purchase. In addition, they are experts in luring customers with “time-sensitive” deals so that you buy even after you discover the fees. You can get around these fees, however, by purchasing directly from the venue you are attending and not online. Even if you cannot make it physically to the venue, the venue’s site will typically offer you lower fees than ticket marketplaces.   


Airlines are pros at getting people to spend additional money beyond their ticket price. This is done mainly through baggage fees, and seat selection fees. These can be worked around typically if you are thorough in your search for flights, as many airlines will vary in what their specific fees are.

You can find an airline that best suits the type of traveler that you are without paying for it. I also recommend booking far in advance, as doing so will help you avoid seat selection fees.  

Hotels And Lodging  

In addition to online fees similar to the ones charged at sporting events and concerts, hotels will often charge fees once you have already checked in. There are typically charges for things such as parking, wifi, and other amenities.

One way they can potentially be avoided is by joining a hotel’s reward or loyalty program. Doing so will often get your fees waived.