Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Whether you’re traveling for fun or because you need to move across the state, having a pet as a sidekick can be extremely annoying. You have multiple things to already care for when you’re traveling, and with pets that effort increases tenfold. Lucky for you, we’ve manifested a quick guide to traveling with pets that are sure to save you some misery.
We have listed a few aspects that you should consider in the list below. 

Take Your Pet to a Vet

Before any journey, you must go to the vet so they can check your pet and inoculate them for fleas, mosquitoes, or any other bugs. The airline officials may ask for a health certificate for your pet to be let onboard. If you’re traveling to the EU, you’ll likely need to get a pet passport which requires your pet’s inoculation record. 

Choose Carry-On or Cargo

In most airlines, if your pet weighs less than 25 pounds, they can travel with you on the plane. Otherwise, you’ll have to ship them with the cargo which could mean other measures like buying a crate and preparing your pet for such a journey. Confirm the rules with the flight you’re taking. 

Prepare for the Journey

This step is perhaps the most important one that you should take. Knowing what you can expect on your journey and preparing for it is essential. If you have a cat or a dog, you must get the right kind of carrier for them. Talk with airline officials to understands the rules of pet travel and then prepare your pet accordingly. Make sure you rehearse with your pet and take them out for a walk to relax their nerves. 

Research the Pet Rules for Your Destination

This step could range from finding a pet-friendly hotel or accommodation to researching the laws for keeping pets in foreign countries. Make sure you thoroughly prepare yourself and your pet depending on your destination. 

ID Your Pet

If you’re planning on putting your pet with the cargo, you must put an ID collar on it. Planes are unpredictable, and you don’t want to lose your pet because of a silly misstep. 

Get Pet-Insurance

Vet bills in a foreign country can be even more expensive than those at home. If you’re traveling internationally, you should purchase pet insurance so that you have something to lean on if things go awry. 

Keep Your Pet Calm and Comfortable

During the journey, ensure that you’re pet is hydrated and fed. However, try not to feed your pet during the flight. Ensure that you have a bag of essentials handy in case anything goes wrong with your pet.  Talk to your flight crew and inform them that you’re traveling with a pet so that they can make concessions for you. If your pet is in the cargo area, ask the flight crew to ensure that it is on board. You must do this, especially if you have multiple-connecting flights. 

Consider Options Other Than Air Travel

If you’re traveling across the country, you might consider using a road service like a car or a taxi to transport your pet. There are many services available that’ll even do this for you.

Traveling with your pets can be an insurmountable task. We hope this quick guide to traveling with pets answered your most prominent concerns. However, make sure that you do your research into your destinations before you travel.